Preparing for the Transition to 4th Grade

Our Mission in Action

The Gift of a Lifetime!

With the recognition that all children develop at their own pace, Redeemer students are appropriately challenged while also having the time, space, and ability to be young learners. Rooted in our commitment to providing a 21st century child-centered education, Redeemer Parish Day School is excited to offer a full early childhood experience. We are a faith-based community passionate about education, committed to inclusivity, and dedicated to inspiring young learners. Our students leave prepared for the next step!

Strong Curriculum & Academic Programs

Redeemer uses a streamlined, systemic approach to teaching language, literacy, and mathematical concepts. Research supports the importance of this alignment, which builds the necessary foundation for lifelong learning. Our program utilizes the Wilson Fundations® Phonics program which is a structured literacy approach grounded in the science of reading. This is used in conjunction with Geodes® which are a collection of knowledge-building books for emerging and developing readers. Redeemer also uses the University of Chicago Everyday Mathematics, a research-based and field-tested curriculum that focuses on developing children’s skills and understanding to build proficiency while accommodating a variety of learning styles. As an independent school, Redeemer teachers enhance their programs with teacher-created curriculum that engages and inspires a love of learning in their students and the necessary foundation for future success.

More than Academics

The elementary division at Redeemer offers a unique opportunity for leadership, responsibility, and independence at a young age, impacting students’ confidence and self-worth. Our first through third graders participate in community engagement programs, a school musical, the “Hi Neighbor!” initiative with students at Govans Elementary, and our Big Buddy programs. Students also create and cook meals in our industrial kitchen, write and recite morning announcements for the whole school, and volunteer throughout the school and with our younger students. Next year we look forward to third grade capstone projects, the Redeemer Racers soccer team, our first science expo, and third grade speeches. Each classroom in the elementary school is also equipped with a “Brain Break” room, fostering students’ natural affinity for play, crucial to their growth and development. With the opportunity to be a big fish in a small pond, our students leave prepared for the next step in their educational journey.

Small, Close-knit Community

We are a small, close-knit community by design. In a school like Redeemer, members of our community take an interest in getting to know one another. We offer a safe, happy environment where students know they matter, positively impacting self-esteem. Low-student teacher ratios and small class sizes enable our students the opportunity to develop as unique learners. Teachers differentiate instruction based on student need, helping children develop to their full potential. Creating deep connections and a strong foundation grounded in a close-knit community will impact our students long after their time at Redeemer.

Admissions & Enrollment Process

Students at Redeemer matriculate to a very diverse group of schools, including independent, parochial, and public schools in the city and the county. Families in kindergarten through second grade are invited to an informational spring meeting, hosted by the elementary division teachers as well as key administrators, focused on the preparation for and transition to a new school. Third grade families are also encouraged to set up individual meetings with the Head of School in September to begin planning for the admissions and enrollment process for fourth grade. Third grade students take a weekly Leadership Seminar, focusing on social and organizational skills that will be necessary as they progress in their academic journey, as well as standardized testing, offering practice and experience for what lies ahead. The Redeemer staff has a great deal of experience in supporting families as they navigate the next best step for their children. With a 70-year history, Redeemer has a strong reputation for providing an educational foundation that will lead to success in the classroom and beyond.

Preparing Courageous & Confident Leaders

Written by: Mary Knott, Head of School

In the right environment, students will have an insatiable appetite for learning. A primary mission at Redeemer is to provide a positive climate that inspires and engages curious young learners. We have been tasked with the job of preparing our students for the complex problems they will one day not just face but solve. Creating learning environments and curricula with the end goal of developing both the emotional and cognitive intelligence in our students prepares them to be productive and influential members of society. Daily opportunities for leadership, risk-taking, and learning through failure empower our students as active members of our community. Through public speaking, performances, volunteer opportunities, and by serving as role models to our younger students, the Redeemer elementary students are given a gift for growth not found elsewhere. The early years are crucial, and the Redeemer experience leaves a lifelong impact!

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