The Arts

Visual Art

The art program at Redeemer Parish Day School is process-driven, with emphasis placed on our students’ art experience versus a finished project. Beginning in the 3s, children are introduced to famous artists and artwork and have the opportunity to explore many different types of artistic mediums, from painting to collage and sculpture. By the time children are in the older grades, they will have been exposed to dozens of famous artists and numerous art styles. Taking a more in-depth look at art around the world allows the older children to learn about other cultures and the evolution of art over time.

Music and Dance

Young children have a natural affection for music, and the teachers at Redeemer seek to foster this joy through singing, playing various rhythm instruments and integrating creative movement to music. Redeemer is also fortunate to have a state-of-the-art outdoor musical garden, designed specifically with young children in mind. While music and movement are incorporated into daily activities, each class also attends a weekly music session. Research proves that children who receive music education receive higher ratings on language and listening skills.

Performances and Drama

All Redeemer students have the opportunity to perform for parents and other family members and friends several times each year. Our elementary school students perform a spring musical – memorizing lines, singing solos and working collaboratively, promoting team work and responsibility. Past productions include Lion King, Kids and Frozen. Participation in dramatic art proves beneficial to children, particularly as it relates to growth in confidence and self-worth. The energy and enthusiasm of our young performers is infectious!