Kindergarten & Pre-first

The Gift of a Lifetime

Opportunity for Growth & Leadership

Our kindergarten and pre-first students are provided ample opportunity to develop skills of leadership, responsibility, and independence. We pride ourselves on our small class sizes and low student-teacher ratios. Redeemer is fortunate to have two kindergarten classes and a pre-first, providing our students with an even larger group in which to socialize.

With the recognition that all children develop at their own pace, Redeemer’s kindergarten and pre-first students are appropriately challenged while still having the time, space, and ability to be young learners. In our environment students develop greater confidence in individual talents and unique abilities, while at the same time fostering collaboration and creative thinking. Our students leave prepared and ready for the next step!

This is the gift of Redeemer’s kindergarten and pre-first!

Engaging Curriculum

  • Wilson Fundations’ Phonics
  • University of Chicago Everyday Mathematics
  • Caldecott & Classic Literature Based Literacy Program
  • Small Reading Groups & Individualized Instruction
  • Writer’s Workshop & Author Studies
  • Renowned Scientists & Experiment-driven Science Program
  • Process-driven Creative Arts Program
  • Spanish & World Cultures
  • Character Education
  • Fine & Gross Motor Development
  • Hands-on Thematic Unit Study