The Power of Play

Imaginary Play

Research proves a strong link between imaginative play and the development of cognitive, social, language and physical development. Play is integral to learning; an opportunity for expression of passion, focused concentration, and creative thinking. Plus, it is a whole lot of fun! Play is at the heart of what we do at Redeemer Parish Day School and a vital and invaluable facet of our program.

Physical Education

Our PE program allows for the opportunity to develop gross-motor skills, as well as other essential concepts like teamwork, risk taking, and peer engagement. Beginning in the 3s, each class attends a weekly PE session, with our kindergarten through third grade students attending twice a week. Our program is equipped with the necessary space and materials to support our students’ emerging abilities and physical development.

Outdoor Play

Situated on an eight acre campus,  students have the freedom to explore, spend time with friends, and make outdoor discoveries. Outdoor play promotes, among many other skills; negotiation, problem solving, and collaboration.