Language and Literacy Curriculum

Literacy and language development is fundamental to learning. Pre-literacy skills and early language concepts are emphasized beginning with our youngest students. Through the use of literature, rhyming, dramatic play, and poetry, our students are prepared for more complex language and literacy skills necessary to becoming confident and capable readers, writes and communicators. Our pre-kindergarten, through third grade students utilize the research-based Wilson Fundations phonics program and Great Minds Geodes reading program, which are a collection of accessible, knowledge-building books for emerging and developing readers.

Library Program

Redeemer Parish Day School is fortunate to have a library with countless books, ranging from classic picture books to age-appropriate non-fiction titles. Beginning in the 2s, classes attend a weekly library session, offering additional opportunity for the development of reading comprehension and focused listening. Children are given the option to check out books, fostering independence and accountability.


Students in kindergarten & pre-first attend a once a week Spanish enrichment class. The introductory, multi-sensory program exposes our students to a second language and culture using games, songs and age-appropriate activities. In the elementary grades, 1st through 3rd grade, students begin attending classes twice a week taught by a native Spanish speaker from Fun with Foreign Language. Students are immersed in the Spanish language through a structured age-appropriate curriculum using interactive activities that encourage language use. The focus is basic listening, comprehension, and speaking skills.