More than a School, It's an Experience!

It is easy to see why the Redeemer students develop confidence, leadership skills, and a strong sense of self at such an early age!

Our Mission In Action

Developing Young Leaders

As the oldest students in the school, our first and second graders have the opportunity to develop skills of leadership, responsibility, and independence at an early age. Our environment fosters risk taking and embraces mistakes as opportunities. With an emphasis on developing students’ unique abilities and talents, the foundation is built for their capacity to learn and succeed while providing a sense of belonging and importance. This impacts our students’ sense of self and confidence, essential for building social relationships and contributing positively to society.

We are proud of all we have to offer! Redeemer is not just a school, it’s an experience!

Creating dreamers and doers starts at a young age.
TedEx talk by Nada Nasserdeem.

Building Leaders Through Experiences


Our first and second grade students are learning responsibility, independence, and teamwork at an early age. Both classes assist with carline duties, scanning attendance, assisting the younger students, and helping the teachers with duties. We are also excited to launch our Big Buddies Program, where the older students will be paired with younger students for story time and game playing. Additionally, our second graders are responsible for making, “Wednesday Reports” on the intercom. Click the link below to watch Nate and Sam in action.

Watch Wednesday Reports by 2nd Grade

Community Engagement

As we grow our program, community engagement is central to our mission. This fall our first and second grade classes visited First Fruits Farm, a non-profit, Christian ministry dedicated to providing fresh, nutritious food for the hungry. Our students, teachers, and parent volunteers bagged over 18,000 pounds of potatoes. That’s a lot of potatoes! We are also excited about our growing partnership with Govans Elementary, which is a little over a mile from Redeemer. Our first-grade students collaborate together in the “Hi Neighbor!” initiative, whose goal is to build community. Students from both schools connect in a variety of ways throughout the year. The “Hi Neighbor!” initiative culminates in a big playdate, scavenger hunt, and a lot of smiles! It is a joy to watch the students and their Govans’ buddies. Together our children are making our neighborhood, community, and city a better place!

Hi Neighbor, You’ve Got a Friend!
Click here to see them in action.

Independence & Risk Taking

Our program is filled with opportunities to support our students’ growing independence and comfort in taking risks. From harvesting in the garden to preparing salads to share with parents during Feast with First! to cooking and serving family style meals in second grade, our students are learning life skills and developing self-sufficiency. We are also thrilled to offer them the opportunity to perform a spring musical. Memorizing lines and solos, collaborating as a team, and performing in front of a large audience helps develop resilience and confidence. If given the chance, it is amazing to see what children this young can do!

Watch the Lion King, Kids!
First Grade, 2022

Watch Part 1 Here

Watch Part 2 Here

Student Testimonial

Leland Rice, 3rd grader, on his experience at Redeemer

“I really like being the oldest students because we get to do a lot of special things like cook lunches, go on cool field trips, and star in the musical. The school work is pretty hard, but I still do well. I also like that I get to go to other classes like PE, Spanish, social studies, science and music. I pretty much love all of them. At Redeemer, you also get a lot of recess and time with your friends. It’s the best!”

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