Language Arts & Math Curriculum

Our Mission In Action

Approach to Teaching & Learning

The Redeemer teachers work collaboratively to ensure a learning experience that is engaging, interactive, and open-ended. Rooted in research-based programs, the faculty enhance the curriculum with teacher-created activities and lessons that use a child’s intrinsic abilities. Investigation, collaboration, curiosity, discovery, and questioning are fundamental to Redeemer’s learning environment and daily routines. Our classrooms can be a little messy and a little noisy. We embrace those as the sights and sounds of a vibrant learning environment!

Differentiated Learning & Assessments

Beginning in kindergarten, students are assessed early in the year to better understand each child as a learner. The data from the assessments are used to guide instruction and create small learning groups, focusing on the needs of each student. Ongoing assessments throughout the year continue to inform instruction and programming. In the elementary years, individual reading benchmarks assist in matching students to literature appropriate for skill development, fluency, and comprehension. Redeemer is also fortunate to have a language arts resource teacher who works with small groups in our kindergarten, pre-first, first and second grade classes multiple times throughout the week. With low student-teacher ratios and small class sizes, the Redeemer faculty differentiates teaching and learning to accommodate the unique needs of every student.

Redeemer’s dedication to integrating play into the curriculum positively enhances student learning!
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Preschool to Third Grade Alignment

What Do We Know and What Are We Learning?
By Meghan McCormick, Shira Mattera, and JoAnn Hsueh

“An investment in early childhood education pays off when the benefits continue into adulthood. Although many recent preschool interventions have had positive, short-term effects on young children’s language, literacy, mathematics, executive function, and social-emotional development, studies show that related gains in cognitive and academic skills tend to diminish in early elementary school — a phenomenon commonly known as fade-out. Instructional alignment — or implementing educational systems that effectively build on the learning advances made in preschool — is one of the leading strategies for sustaining the benefits of early childhood education.”

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Language Arts & Phonics

Our pre-k through third grade programs use Wilson Fundations® which lays the groundwork for life-long literacy while inspiring a love for reading. Redeemer students receive a systematic program in critical foundational skills, emphasizing:

  • Phonemic awareness
  • Phonics/ word study
  • High-frequency word study
  • Reading fluency
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension strategies
  • Handwriting
  • Spelling

In first grade we begin using Geodes® Readables. Rooted in the belief that children are capable of reading to learn while learning to read, Geodes®, published by Great Minds® in association with Wilson Language Training, are a collection of engaging and knowledge-building books for emerging and developing readers.

The science of reading supports the Redeemer approach.
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Everyday Mathematics is a comprehensive Pre-k through grade 6 mathematics program developed by the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project. It is grounded in an extensive body of research in how children learn best. The curriculum, used in our pre-k through third grade programs, is designed to build and expand a student’s mathematical proficiency and understanding, developing strong mathematical thinkers.

The Curriculum Emphasizes:

  • Concrete, real-life examples
  • Repeated exposure to concepts and skills
  • Frequent practice
  • Multiple methods & problem-solving strategies

Why is Math Different Now? 
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Writer’s Workshop

Writer’s Workshop, used in our kindergarten through third grade, is an approach to teaching writing that is student-centered. It is shown that children are more likely to expand cognitive capabilities and enjoy writing when they are given the freedom to write about topics of their choice.

First graders begin the year with writing complete sentences, emphasizing simple editing and beginning grammar rules. Through modeling and shared writing, they progress into a workshop format where they create topics of interest, organize ideas, and develop a piece from draft to the final copy.

In second grade, Writer’s Workshop is a 4-step process that begins with a mini-lesson and ends with students sharing their completed piece with their classmates. Writer’s Workshop helps to grow student’s writing confidence by allowing them to express themselves and explore with a variety of literary genres.

Students in our elementary school program explore the following:

  • Personal narratives
  • Opinion writing
  • How-to guides
  • Informative writing
  • Friendly letters
  • Poetry
  • Persuasive writing

Creative writing impacts cognitive development.
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Parent Testimonial

“We wanted a school for our young children that would provide an intentionally inclusive environment, teach them to appreciate all types of diversity, and understand the importance of compassion and social responsibility at community and global levels. We also wanted a school that encouraged them to learn and develop cognitively and physically through play and exploration, with an emphasis on interaction with the natural environment. Our children learn best when they can express their creativity, connect what they learn to their own experiences, and solve problems through play. We realized these were big asks, but felt they were foundational building blocks for life-long learning. Redeemer offers all these things, and so much more – including a loving and supportive community. When we learned Redeemer was expanding to include 1st-3rd grades, we immediately knew we would stay. It is an exciting and unique opportunity for our children to engage with a cohesive and comprehensive early childhood education program that we feel is giving them an incredible start in life.”

Angelica Ponguta & Jeremiah Hinson
Parents of Alejandro Hinson (Kindergarten) & Joaquin Hinson (2nd Grade)