Calendar of Events

Kindergarten Sneak Peek

For pre-k parents

Halloween Parade, All School Dismissal 11:45

No afternoon programs.

No School – Professional Day

Parent Council Meeting

Church Nursery

Parent Conferences 5/3s, Pre-k, K, P1 – school not in session for those classes only

3/2s & 3/3s will be in school

Faculty Meeting

PDS Sunday

Please join our Church community for this child-friendly service celebrating the Day School.

Thanksgiving Service: Break begins after service

No afternoon programs

School Resumes

Kids Love to Give! Cooking Baking Project and Gift Making Event

Parish Hall

Parent Council Meeting

Church Nursery

Christmas Service

break begins after service

Family Christmas Eve Service and Pageant

Church of the Redeemer

School Resumes

Parent Council Meeting

Church Nursery

All School Dismissal 11:45

Faculty Meeting (lunch 2s classes)

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: No School

Mon/Tues 2s Conferences: School in session for 2s

Donuts at the Day School

Pre-k Sneak Peek

For 3s parents

No School โ€“ Professional Day

No School โ€“ Presidents’ Day

Parent Conferences 3/2s, 3s, Pre-k, K, P1


Parent Council Meeting

Church Nursery

3s Sneak Peek

For 2s parents

All School Dismissal 11:45 – Spring Break Begins

No afternoon programs