Community Engagement

Generosity, Good Will, Commitment, Connect

Compassion for others, inclusivity, and sensitivity towards our diverse culture is integral to our program. Even at an early age our students are able to recognize the difference they can make and the role they play in our society.

Our outreach programs include:

CARES/GEDCO Food Pantry: GEDCO’s North East Food Pantry serves individuals in crisis by connecting customers with emergency food relief that will enable movement towards self-sufficiency. The heart and compassion of this entirely volunteer-run program drives them to ensure that everyone leaves with food.

Boots for Baltimore: For twenty seven years, BOOTS FOR BALTIMORE has been part of the outreach program at the Church of the Redeemer. Its inspiration grew out of the spontaneous response of this parish to the plea of a shelter provider for work boots and warm socks. Boots, she suggested, offered a gift not only of protection but of dignity and opportunity. Staffed by Redeemer volunteers, the BOOTS program solicits funds from private individuals, foundations, corporations and the church community for the purchase of sturdy boots that are then distributed through a network of 30 agencies serving the homeless, the jobless and the working poor – shelters, soup kitchens and job programs. Our Day School students gather coins and lose change, contributing to the purchase of a few extra pairs of boots each year.

Pedal for Pediatrics @ Redeemer: The Pediatric Oncology Program of the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center is focused entirely on the research and treatment of childhood cancers. As one of the leading Cancer Centers in the United States, Johns Hopkins is at the forefront of developing new treatments and designing clinical trials. Each year, more than 12,000 children and teens are diagnosed with cancer ranging from leukemia to sarcoma. Most of them will be cured and go on to lead healthy, productive lives because of innovative research and cooperative clinical trials. As a leader in pediatric cancer research, Johns Hopkins Pediatric Oncology is dedicated to making new discoveries to improve the lives of children with cancer in Maryland, the nation, and around the world.

Kids Love to Give Cookie Baking Event: Govans Elementary is a pubic charter school, operated by the Baltimore Curriculum Project, a participating school in Baltimore’s 21st Century School Program. About 2 miles from Redeemer, Govans has partnered with Redeemer since 2011. About 90% of its students qualify for free breakfast and lunch. The Redeemer and Govans communities gather together each December to roll dough, cut out and bake over 12 dozen sugar cookies to benefit the Govans Elementary holiday party.

The Baltimore Orchard Project: The Baltimore Orchard Project brings together a diverse group of people who have joined together to grow, glean and give away fresh, healthy, local fruit to those in need in the neighborhoods of Baltimore. Bringing together knowledge, passion, and resources to turn waste into abundance, fruit is gleaned from trees in yards, streets and civic places, fruit that would otherwise go to waste is distributed to those in need. Partnering with individuals and organizations within the community to plant trees, orchards and food forests (fruit trees, berry bushes and grapevines) on land that can give more for the benefit of neighbors, towns, children and ourselves, today and tomorrow.