September 26, 2014


“Have you filled a bucket today? You fill a bucket when you show love to someone, when you say or do something kind, or even when you give someone a smile. That’s being a bucket filler.” – Carol McCloud
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Letter from the Director

Dear Redeemer Community,

The beginning of the school year is marked by a quality of freshness – perfectly polished floors, glistening crayons, glue bottles that flow freely, neatly stacked papers, stuffed animals and baby dolls straight from the box. It feels refreshing and revitalized – something we should preserve or freeze in time. On the surface, it seems so.

In the blink of an eye those perfect materials transform – the floors lose their luster, the crayons become worn and turned into nubs by the child who wishes the world were blue, glue bottles become clogged, the perfectly stacked papers are in disarray – returned to the pile in an enthusiastic rush, and the stuffed animals and baby dolls begin to show signs of loving wear.

While the beginning of the school year brings about a rush of enthusiasm and excitement about what is ahead, it is a few weeks into school that reveals a more genuine story. The story where that unique relationship between teachers and students has begun to form, where the signs of learning, sense of comfort and the character of a class are revealed. While the beginning of the year is always something to be relished, in many senses it is best preserved as a fleeting memory, because ultimately it is the well-loved classroom that tells the true story. It is the story of the individuals that comprise the class. They start to become a class.


Mary Knott

Classroom Updates:

Hanna 2s: 

The Hanna Twos are adjusting to their new schedule and routine. They are becoming more familiar with their surroundings, and are even learning each other’s names. They’ve enjoyed looking at the inside of an apple, eating apples and singing apple songs. Mrs. Link and I have been asking them questions about some of their favorite things, so look for their answers to come home at the end of the month. Happy Autumn!



Longacker 2s: 

We are having a lot of fun in our class the past 2 weeks as we explore the color red and EVERYTHING a 2 or 3 year would ever want to know about APPLES. We have examined apples, held them, smelled them when they’re cut in half, tasted them, created apple prints on paper and t-shirts,taken a survey on who likes red apples versus green apples and read a number of books about them. More importantly, everyone seems happy to come to school, transitioning very comfortably to spending the morning with Lisa and me.



Hooper 3s: 

In the 3 Day  3’s, September was full of CIRCLES and the color RED! We finished the month today with a handcrafted cheese and pepperoni pizza followed by a delivered pizza at snacktime…delicious fun was had by all! Orange and triangles will be the color and shape for the month of October and “Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater” will be our new nursery rhyme. The children are working hard on a name recognition, following directions, rhyming words and cleaning up as a group…..we have a wonderful and happy group!!


Libby 3s:


The 5 days 3s have been busy learning about circles, the color red, “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and apples. We are enjoying going to specials and  making some new friends. Today we had a pizza party with the 3 day 3s to celebrate all of our studying of circles and red!



Faint 4s: 

For letter C there has been a lot of counting in our room with color patterns, graphing, estimating the number of objects and counting clouds on our paintings.  Next week will bring dice, making donut holes, dissolving substances and even dot to dots.  We are on alert for signs of the change of seasons on the campus and looking forward to meeting the baby chicks!


Loeb 4s:


The Loeb 4’s have started the letter “C” and are coloring, painting with corn, cutting out a circle caterpillar (hello Eric Carle), and counting. Our weather has vacillated between sunny and cool and cloudy and cool. Great C words. And wonderful weather to play outside in!  The eggs have come from Quiver Farm and we are excitedly awaiting the baby chicks. We continue to change our jobs every Monday,  so be sure to ask your children if they have a job or are on vacation. Next week we will start the letter “D”. Watch out for Dinosaurs!




The kindergartners are avid learners this year. They have been exploring with apples and even used their reading, math and science skills to make apple crisp. While they all are developing at their own place in language arts, they have begun to blend sounds into words and are thrilled about Writer’s Workshop. Our mathematicians went on a number walk and were amazed about how much we rely on numbers every day. At home, please remember to read aloud to your child and provide plenty of opportunities to count, identify shapes, collect, and sort “stuff”. We love watching your children learn!



P-1 has settled into our routine well.  We have been busyworking on handwriting, story telling, phonics skills, reading skills, math skills, role playing, problem solving and interacting in a group setting.  The boys have enjoyed our Map Unit and have learned about different types of maps, what maps are used for and the symbols found on maps.  We created our own birds eye view maps of the school playground as well as our own treasure maps.

Lunch Bunch:

Lunch bunch has been yarn painting, finger painting, making our own cameras and drawling many pictures! We are enjoying making new friends as well as playing with our old friends.


Office Notes
Health and Wellness:
Entero D68 has now been reported in Maryland. The virus is spread from person to person when an infected person coughs, sneezes or touches contaminated surfaces. We will continue to have children wash their hands often with soap and water and appreciate you keeping sick children home to rest and recuperate as well as prevent the spread of the virus.
Early Morning Drop-off and Lunch Bunch: 
Invoices for before and after school programs will be mailed home the beginning of October. Invoices represent the first semester.
Upcoming Calendar Events:
Wednesday, October 1st: We start accepting applications for new students.  Please share with friends and family. Click here for an application.
Thursday, October 2nd: Picture Day-3s, 4s, K, P1
Wednesday, October 8th: 4s, K & Pre-first Coffee in Hale Auditorium. Immediately following, all Episcopal School Service at Good Shepherd for K & Pre-first.
Friday, October 10th: All school dismissal 11:45: Faculty meeting
Monday, October 13th: No school: Columbus Day


Program Highlights:


The Quiver Farm Chick Hatching Project….

On Monday, we began our annual chick hatching project. Our Lunch Bunch students and pre-first boys were given a 15 minute presentation by Farmer Tom and his rooster, Max, and hen, Ruby. They were able to learn more about what to expect from the hatch and how to care for the baby chicks. We all look forward to caring for the eggs, watching the eggs hatch and looking after the new baby chicks. Please remember to ask your child more about this exciting adventure.
Filling our buckets with kindness!


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