Science Technology Engineering Math

Curiosity, Exploration, Experimentation, Flexible Thinking


Students engage in scientific explorations on a daily basis. Whether through casual outdoor discoveries or teacher-directed activities, our program emphasizes wonder, curiosity, observation and experimentation. Our pre-k, kindergarten and pre-first students attend weekly science classes, stretching imagination and creative thinking through inquiry and experimentation.


Technology, a tool used to enhance our curriculum, helps us journey to places unreachable within the classroom walls. Our kindergarten and pre-first classes have interactive whiteboards, promoting collaboration and individualized learning, and many of the classes have use of computers to reinforce and enrich concepts taught throughout the day.


Manipulating and playing with blocks, Legos, play dough, and a variety of materials found indoors and out; powers ingenuity and collaboration. The opportunity for free play and open-ended exploration are encouraged daily, inspiring our next generation of engineers.


Everyday activities and routines provide the backbone for early math literacy. Redeemer’s math program emphasizes exploration with manipulatives, flexible thinking and creative problem solving. As children grow and develop, their exposure to mathematical concepts becomes more complex, and they are able to apply their knowledge and skills to solve increasingly more challenging problems. Redeemer uses The University of Chicago’s Everyday Mathematics program as the foundation for their math curriculum.

sdsadOutdoor Learning

With the installation of our new rain garden, vegetable and herb gardens, an outdoor classroom, an acre of playground space and students with an abundance of natural curiosity, Redeemer is the perfect place to explore with outdoor learning. Our offerings provide an on-going opportunity for hands-on exploration and observation through the study of local and natural habitats and species, stimulating students’ wonder.